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February 2009: Dalhousie Management Without Borders Report

The Dalhousie Management Without Borders student team worked diligently for the last couple of months on the business case for a rep cinema in Halifax. Their report was presented on Monday, February 16th. Here is a copy of the report.

September 30, 2008 General Meeting & Elections

The Founding Members of the Paradise Sisters Film Society elected a new board of directors last night, at a meeting of about twenty-five Founding Members. The previous board had tendered their resignations the previous week.

"This is not a suitable project for a non-profit model," said outgoing chair Kate Delmage in a letter to the members sent last week, "I do think that a devoted, and perhaps quixotic, entrepreneur would have a chance of restarting a new version of Wormwood Cinema. Almost inevitably, that's what has worked elsewhere."

After the elections, the new board immediately began working with the assembled members to begin planning the society's future.

"Kate is right," said Emanuel Jannasch, one of the new directors, "We need the entrepreneurial spirit of a Gordon Parsons (of Wormwood's). Luckily, the Society includes many successful organizers and innovators. To build on the hard work and fundraising of previous boards, we need to bring more of our own membership into the picture."

There are about five hundred members of the society, which was founded in 2002 to bring repertory cinema back to Halifax, four years after the closing of Wormwood's Dog And Monkey Cinema. People interested in helping plan the future of Paradise Cinema can contact the board via the webpage, paradisecinema.ca.

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